Solénoïde à noyau d'air

Sku: ACS001

Solénoïde à noyau d'air

Sku: ACS001
$CAD 96.69
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A convenient, well-made solenoid for investigating the magnetic field of a coil and for the current balance experiment. The clear acrylic former and the large diameter (90mm) allow items placed inside the coil to be easily seen.

Five tappings give easy access to windings of 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 turns by simply moving one plug between the five red binding posts.

The coil has a total resistance of 20 Ω, or 4 Ω per 100 windings and can carryup to 1.5A of current in a single 100-turn segment, allowing a 6VDC power source to be used (and up to 12V for the full 500 turns).

Coil Diameter: 9.0cm
Coil Length: 4.0cm
Total turns: 500
Total coil resistance (500 turns): 20 Ω
Maximum current: 1.5A (through one segment)
Width: 12cm Depth: 20cm Height: 11cm Weight: 360g