Equipotential Trough Kit


Equipotential Trough Kit

$CAD 69.99
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  • Plot equipotential lines for various electrode configurations
  • Classic design
  • Correlates to NGSS Standards MS-PS2-5 and HS-PS2-4
  • Activity guide included

This comprehensive kit allows students to plot equipotential lines in an electric field between two electrodes held at different electric potentials. A simple setup keeps electrodes partially immersed in water containing an electrolyte, allowing a small current to flow between the electrodes. Students can then sample the resulting electric field using the included multimeter. 


  • Plastic trough, 33cm x 25cm, with printed orientation grid and fitted with three electrode support posts 
  • Wire harness with snap connector and two alligator clips 
  • 2 straight metal strip electrodes, 10cm long 
  • 2 short rod electrodes 
  • 2 electrode support arms 
  • Sample point arm 
  • Digital multimeter 
  • Activity guide